Power Distribution

The most important and most underrated item on any list! Power is what drives all the sound, light and amenities of any event and most A/V providers out there over look its importance. The result? You will have circuit breakers go on you at the heat of the party when everything is being pushed to their limits.

From distribution boxes to generators we have it all to ensure your function runs smoothly. Talk to us if your event is being hosted at a tent or outdoors in advanced, to ensure that we take in all the power requirements in mind and act proactively as your name and reputation and your guests’ enjoyment can depend on it; in the case of any lack of preparation.


Notice that all the photos used on our website are OUR OWN works and are not taken from internet unlike most of our competitors. We have done these shows, and every set up can be duplicated.

We have such a large archive of photos and videos that we couldn't choose the best ones to post on our site! If you join us for your complimentary meeting at our office we'd be more than happy to show you more sample photos/videos.