Light Show

Lighting has become an essential ingredient in "setting the mood" right for your dancefloor to get the guests pumped and ready to rush to the dance floor! Whether you are planning a Wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Mitzvah, Corporate or any special occasion, lighting enhances everything.

Ambiance is everything!

We can completely change the look of the room and add character wherever needed.

Our lighting decor will create a wonderful atmosphere for any formal event. Add a classy touch to the wedding reception using a simple spray of colored light on walls, or in the corners of a room or tent. From colorful accents and pin lights on the centerpieces, to a custom monogram featured in lights, to unique and breathtaking special effects, Decor Lighting accents will make your beautiful wedding absolutely unforgettable and set it apart from your "friend’s" wedding which also happened in the same venue as yours that you all attended. Simply put, ambience lighting completely changes the appearance of your venue.


Up-Lighting decor can transform your reception room; to have any ambient color of your choice, making it look very elegant. Not only does it have a great impression for you and your guests, but it also looks amazing in photographs and videos.

Intelligent Lighting

Professional lighting is essential to the overall presentation of large meeting and event productions. Event lighting can help boost energy and brings life to the dance floor, focus attention, and enhance retention by providing a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of your events. Lighting elements are critical to the success of an event. We provide a full range of professional lighting fixtures and services, from a simple stage wash or spotlight, to more complex moving heads lighting.

Search Light

Great for: - Grand Openings - Awards Ceremonies - Galas - Special Events - Product Launches Give it a maximum bang with a Search Light.


Notice that all the photos used on our website are OUR OWN works and are not taken from internet unlike most of our competitors. We have done these shows, and every set up can be duplicated.

We have such a large archive of photos and videos that we couldn't choose the best ones to post on our site! If you join us for your complimentary meeting at our office we'd be more than happy to show you more sample photos/videos.