Drape and Scrim

There are two items to consider here.


Many clients would prefer scrims to cover up the truss/stands and the gears used. While it is an added expense, it does present a cleaner layout to the venue and function. It is worthy to mention though that all our set ups are tidy and clean. You will not see wire tangles and wire-noodles in the plain eye-sight and we take every care to hide as much of the wires away as reasonably possible. When coupled with an LED, the scrims get a quite majestic look and which complement the rest of your interior accent elements.


Some venues can have draping all around to cover the walls (if you don’t like the colour/design/wallpapers) and in most if not all the weddings at least behind the head table there usually is a draping. We can bring you different colours, shapes and designs of draping with the added option of LED lights to light them up with the option of having the lights linked together to change the colour during the night.


Notice that all the photos used on our website are OUR OWN works and are not taken from internet unlike most of our competitors. We have done these shows, and every set up can be duplicated.

We have such a large archive of photos and videos that we couldn't choose the best ones to post on our site! If you join us for your complimentary meeting at our office we'd be more than happy to show you more sample photos/videos.