Sound Systems

The most important part of any entertainment comes down to the sound. Even if you bring the best artist/DJ and give them low end gear, the output level and quality will restrict performance and undermine the overall quality. Good news is, we have every possible gear that true professionals use around the world. Our gear list is vast but to name a few brands that we use exclusively would be, JBL Vertec Line Array/VRX/SRX, Lab Gruppen Amplifiers, Shure wireless and wired microphones, Soundcraft mixing consoles. Our line Array speakers are those preferred and used by bands such as U2, J-LO and Britney in their world tours.

We have the right equipment and have experience to achieve the right balance between quality and price for each function based on the function, size of venue and number of guests as so many other factors. Our audio professionals at SoundScape will take the guess work out of the equation for you and deliver the best viable option to make your event a success and a pleasant experience for all the guests participating in it!


Notice that all the photos used on our website are OUR OWN works and are not taken from internet unlike most of our competitors. We have done these shows, and every set up can be duplicated.

We have such a large archive of photos and videos that we couldn't choose the best ones to post on our site! If you join us for your complimentary meeting at our office we'd be more than happy to show you more sample photos/videos.