A wedding is a much bigger task than it may initially appear and not everybody can afford wedding planners. So, today’s DJs are not only in charge of the dance floor, they are also responsible for ensuring that your wedding runs smoothly. That’s why simply being a good DJ is no longer sufficient to ensure a successful wedding happens from beginning to the end. Our DJs are experienced and trained to take charge and organize tasks and events as the day progresses, in addition of course, to their great musical , performance and stage skills!

We will assist you in creating an agenda for your special event.

Therefore, you, your vendors and the DJ will know exactly what is happening at all times with no surprises or no important information or events to be missed!


The Wedding Ceremony is the focal point of your wedding. It is, after all, that moment that marks the beginning of your new life together. Whether it's a Persian, Jewish or a Civil Ceremony, here are some services that we can provide:

  • Onsite Ceremony Coordination
  • Separate sound system (in addition to the main sound system).
  • Wireless microphones (handheld or lavaliere)
  • Customized wedding ceremony music
  • Lighting Décor


The Ceremony is over now! Your family, friends, and guests are at the reception location and you are with your wedding party with the photographer most likely.

The party can incorporate many traditions where songs are included, but the 3 most common are the Bridal Party Introduction, The Bride and Groom's First Dance and the Bouquet toss. It really is up to the Bride and Groom how many traditions they have at their wedding. A well balanced timeline can make room for many events, games, dances and performances to keep your guest entertained.

Here are some of the Popular Traditions:

  • First Dance
  • The Grand Entrance
  • The Toast/ Speeches
  • Love Walk Video / Slide Show Montage
  • Centerpiece Giveaway
  • First Dance
  • Bouquet / Garter Toss
  • Hora (Jewish)
  • Knife Dance or "Raghseh Chagoo" (Persian)
  • Cutting of the Cake
  • Last Dance
  • Special Performances


Notice that all the photos used on our website are OUR OWN works and are not taken from internet unlike most of our competitors. We have done these shows, and every set up can be duplicated.

We have such a large archive of photos and videos that we couldn't choose the best ones to post on our site! If you join us for your complimentary meeting at our office we'd be more than happy to show you more sample photos/videos.