Live Performers

Live bands used to be the real deal until just over a decade ago. However with the versatility that DJs brought to the scene, the bands started to slowly fade out for 2 reasons:

  1. Cost. They are quite pricey as you'd need at least a 4 piece band to get a descent sound and that’d easily run over $1500 + sound for an average performance.
  2. Limitations: Bands can only perform pre-rehearsed sets and songs. The vocal range of the vocalist must match that of the original songs being performed and ethnic songs are always a challenge to the band.

Now while here at Emshab we still have some great band choices to offer when required by clients, our preference is a whole new idea. A DJ-Band! It is the new thing to look forward to which Spices up the evening with our live experienced musicians playing alongside the DJ of the night. This brings out best of the both worlds to your function and people just LOVE IT!

We have a wide variety of all kinds of professional performers for a night you will never forget. Some can be combined with the DJ for the duration of the dance floor while some may be better for your cocktail/reception hour or ceremony. The list of options is as follows and you can click on each to see an example of what is it that they do! (Please keep in mind that the videos of our own artists might not be available and the links are provided for reference only)

  • Violin
  • Percussion
  • Drum set
  • Saxophone
  • Piano
  • Harp
  • Santoor
  • Jazz Trio
  • Classical Ensemble